Please note that Heavenly Yorkies Kennels is not affiliated with
Heavenly Yorkies in Indiana.
I am an independent home breeder in North Carolina
Site last updated February 8, 2013
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Welcome to my Yorkie Heaven! I am
located in Sanford, NC. I raise AKC
Yorkshire Terriers and Shorkies.  My
puppies are great quality dogs bred to
AKC standards that are healthy, beautiful
and have wonderful temperaments. My
dogs are my children and are spoiled
with lots of love and pampering. Raising
puppies is my hobby and passion. There
is nothing more precious than a loving
dog sitting in your lap. They bring you so
much happiness and love. I am NOT a
puppy mill and do NOT support puppy
mills. I have a very small kennel at my
home with less than 10 dogs. My dogs
have the best of care and are treated like
kings and queens. I want all of my
puppies to go to good homes, and I
screen all of my potential puppy buyers.
My puppies are sold for pets. I
occasionally sell my dogs with full
breeding rights as long as the buyer  
passes the screening process and I am
confident the buyer is not associated
with any puppy mills.  Please feel free to
browse my website and enjoy the photos
of my beautiful dogs. If you are interested
in a puppy, browse the
Yorkies for Sale
Shorkies for Sale page.

You can contact me at 919-498-5386 or

My email address is:
I will be happy to answer any questions
you may have.

I prefer to not dock the tails of my Yorkies; although I
will upon your request.  After watching this done on
YouTube, I have decided this is a cruel, painful, and
totally unnecessary mutilation of my puppies. The
puppies scream with pain when this is done, and there
is always a risk of infection. The tails are beautiful the
way God made them and there is no reason for torturing
these puppies.  I charge less for my puppies to
encourage people to buy puppies with their tails
undocked. It is my intention to raise the awareness of
this practice to people and hopefully help eradicate this
inhumane treatment of these precious little animals.